Why should we verify our website in Google Search console?

Verifying your website via the Google Search console will confirm the ownership of the site and provide detailed private Google Search data. Google Search console will allow you to understand the traffic of the site and implement improvements, that will affect its presence on Google Search.

Open the Google Search Console property page and add your domain name in the Domain section.

Press the Continue button which will lead you to the Verify domain ownership via DNS record page.

You will now need to access your WPX Panel. Navigate to the Edit DNS menu. Select the domain form the dropdown and press the Add a new record button.

You will now need to create a TXT record. Select the record Type: TXT, Host: @, copy the verification code and paste it into the Value / Target field and Save record.

You can now Verify your domain name.

Sometimes DNS changes can take a while to appear. Please wait a few hours, then reopen your property in Search Console.
If verification fails again, try adding a different DNS TXT record.