A cache is used to store data, so that future requests for that data can be served faster. It stores a static version of your website and improves the site performance.

There are two places where cache is stored, in the WPX Cloud and the cache plugin.

How to clear the WPX Cloud cache:

Access your Hosting Panel by loggin in to your WPX Hosting account, then go to My Services (1) → WordPress Hosting → Manage All Sites In This Account (2), as seen below:

After following these steps, you will be taken directly to the Service Details section of your Hosting Panel.

In the left menu, choose the WPX Cloud (1) tab. Then click on the Empty Cache (2) button.

After the process is done you’ll receive a Success message, CDN Cache has been successfully cleared for wpxtest.com.

How to clear the plugin cache:

Using the File Manager.

Go to My Services (1) → WordPress Hosting (2) → File Manager (3) and then select Open File Manager (4):

Navigate to the website folder, wp-content/cache (1). Select the folders in the cache directory (2), right-click and Delete (3).

Using the FileZilla.

In order to connect to the server, you will need the Username (1), Password (2) and Server Address (3). You can find them under Service Details.

After you have connected to the server, again navigate to the wp-content/cache (1) folder. Select the folders (2) in the directory and remove them.

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